Será que está tudo indo bem?

Roller Coaster Interpreting
Formula-one lecturers should be banned, LOL

Roller Coaster Interpreting

I had never thought of using tong-twisters as a training method for high speed interpreting. That is a great idea! That reminded me of those speakers that come up with an academic paper and start reading at 180 miles per hour, trying to squeeze a one-hour lecture into their allowed 20 minutes or so. That is indeed a nightmare for interpreters who have to translate the English delivery into Portuguese or Spanish, for example, which generally take 20% more syllables to fully render the English input. Not to mention that academic written language is more intricate and elaborated than an oral presentation, and therefore more difficult to translate, particularly on roller-coaster mode. Brain and tongue extra speed by means of an overdose of adrenaline secreted into your system, plus a wild ability to summarize and get the gist of what is being said in the blink of an eye are no easy tasks. Ultimately each one of us is subject to a high-speed threshold that cannot be overcome. In such situations, relay interpreting certainly becomes an extra difficulty, and an even heavier burden on the shoulders of the interpreter on whose rendition others depend. Formula-one lecturers should be banned, LOL

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