When You Work for Mega Translation Agencies, Here’s Where All the Money Goes That They’re Not Paying You

🐵 No Peanuts! for Translators

Last May, No Peanuts! reported on the $3,600-a-month, Upper East Side apartment inhabited by Kelly Marek, a global account director for TransPerfect, the U.S.-based mega, mega-greedy, and mega-cheap-with-translators translation agency.

At the time we remarked that Marek had to be earning something in the neighborhood of $130K a year to be able to afford her partial-river-view corner apartment, which struck us as a paltry salary for a company that pays peanuts to translators but posted earnings of $471 million USD in 2014.

Well, as it turns out, we might have been right. Transperfect’s co-CEO Liz Elting isn’t wasting those millions on her account execs either.

The piece below from Hamptons Magazine (don’t you just love that there’s a Hamptons Magazine?), Elting and family ended up in a “cozy, seven-bedroom” home on 2.5 acres on Halsey Lane, complete with “Anthroplogie Louisa settees,” a basement wine-and-cheese-tasting table, and a complete complement of staircases.


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