The main goals were to create both a list that would bring interpreters closer to clients without a need for middlemen, and to offer a website that is a complete solution: linguists specialized in several languages, certified public translators, equipment for interpreting and even catering services in several parts of Brazil. With a simple and easy-to-use format, the text and images help clients find everything they may need. In addition to presenting a service that meets clients’ needs through a high-quality and sophisticated site, the listing layout is also bold, modern and devoid of clichés common to interpreting work.


Initially, thirty Brazilian interpreters and translators teamed up to create the main page. Professionals from Argentina joined in right after that, soon followed by more from Venezuela, Colombia, the United States and Peru. Interpreters and certified public translators, who speak several languages, including rare ones such as Arabic and Korean, started creating the current network in all these countries. We are present in the Americas through a super international team of ninety-four seasoned interpreters in a colorful, four-dimensional mosaic. Our skills and time spent in interpreting booths create a solid Directory that not only brings together vast experience in every field of knowledge, but has also gathered an infinite number of stories worth telling that could eventually lead to the compilation of a book.

So we decided to share our thoughts, leave the half-lit, secret place where we work and present ourselves to the world. Through this blog we created a direct channel for interpreters to communicate with every linguistic community, clients and peers about ideas and what we consider ethical and appropriate. The popularity of the blog is both local and global and will soon be available in the languages we offer on the website: Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, English, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic and Swedish!


We composed a flyer to advertise our work and network that reads as follows:



Hire a competent interpreter and cross borders!

We also have a  video to demonstrate the fact that INTERPRETERS ARE HUMAN BRIDGES WITH NERVES OF STEEL; check on our site how we prepare ourselves for the audience who will listen to our work.


The Directory continues to grow and expand its mission, that is: to portray professional interpreters who are competent, dynamic and able to provide solutions for the most diverse demands in the market. Didier Marlier’s main idea “to promote an open economy in which all parties win” is our focal point, which generates not only work but also an open network where interpreters express the passion for what they do: bridging the language gap for clients.

* The Open Economy is based on the following ethics and values:

1) Generosity: the culture of the “open source” allied with “free content”; Liberdade

2) Responsibility (and self-discipline): increased responsibility, increased levels of freedom and opportunities;

3) Abundance: the principle of abundance replaces the defensive and competitive attitude;

4) Value (authentic): a trademark of the new capitalism, often represented by knowledge;

5) Interdependence: The world is more and more interconnected and globalized, an example of which is global warming: local attitudes affect the world;

6) Confidence: promoted every day as the currency of the connected world;

7) Authenticity: walk the talk (by Nigel Paine)

8) Sharing Attitude: this has deep roots due to social networks and here new ways to monetize content will be invented”.

Magna Krieger

Portuguese <> English


Wilmington, MA

Proofed by Lynnea Hansen.

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